.LRN provided a huge head start toward what we wanted, plus support for things we didn't originally anticipate.
[Jerry Mechling, Harvard University]

Get Involved in .LRN!

Being an open source project organized as a Consortium allows .LRN users to actively participate within the community, the main collaboration processes and areas are:

  1. .LRN application features and enhancements: since its inception, .LRN has been enhanced with new features and applications, almost all of them contributed by .LRN adopters, whether they are end users, commercial vendors, institutions or organizations. Everyone is welcome to contribute to .LRN. Contributions of new applications and features might have more adopters and further contributions of those adopters, at the same time contributors are encouraged to become package (application) maintainers. If you want to know more how to contribute, and what is the process, contact the .LRN Leadership team.
  2. .LRN core enhancements: .LRN is continuously evolving and enhancing its core functionalities and applications, contributions and work on this area is encouraged. .LRN core changes usually go into more detailed revision, which means that superior review is done in order to guarantee high quality in the short and long term. Contact the .LRN Leadership team to discuss core enhancements, usually a formal proposal of your suggestions is the way to start contributing, better if that comes with the resources or code to make it happen.
  3. .LRN specific application collaboration: .LRN users, including its members are continuously finding and forming synergies and projects that allows them to collaborate in a give application or extension. The forums are open for anyone to express their desire of working in something, and usually collaboration can be set up through direct contact. If you want to contact some specific member of the Consortium, send an email to the Board of the .LRN Consortium and we'll introduce you to possible peers on someone you might want to contact
  4. .LRN End User Club: this is a new initiative to gather together interested users of .LRN, and share best practices in using .LRN and in e-learning in general. At this point please use the .LRN forum at openacs.org to post your comments, suggestions, questions on anything related to .LRN.

Institutions and .LRN adopters have found many benefits comes from participating in .LRN, most of them are obvious, but important to mention are:

  • Share and get your applications used by many parties which usually ends having greater feedback and finally better applications
  • Share yours enhancements and needs that are good for the toolkit, something that easies further upgrades of the platform.
  • Lead and influence in the evolution of .LRN

Any .LRN user or interested party is encouraged to participate.

Check the .LRN Roadmap for more information.