.LRN is an entirely user-driven project and the consortium is our mechanism for self-governance, coordination, and ongoing development.
[Carlos Delgado Kloos, Carlos III University of Madrid]

.LRN Consortium Membership

The .LRN Consortium Membership allows to the member to participate in several kind of activities:

  • Support and promote the future developments of the .LRN platform.
  • Participate in formal and informal activities that gather together the .LRN Consortium members.
  • Get information about the new releases and future plans for .LRN.
  • Have one or more members of your organization become eligible for .LRN Leadership Team election (note: independent nomination is possible without membership, but after election team members are expected to advocate membership).
  • Have a member of your organization become eligible for placement on the .LRN Board of Directors ballot.

Also, the membership fees helps to support many of the consortium's priorities and obligations such as:

  • Release management of the .LRN software
  • Project management of the .LRN software
  • Quality assurance of the .LRN software
  • Integration of new applications into the .LRN platform
  • Certification of quality of third party applications
  • Adoption of important new technologies and/or standards
  • Marketing of the .LRN platform
  • Increase the adoption of the .LRN platform
  • Events, environments and places to create synergies among the .LRN Consortium members
  • Organizational legal obligations

The .LRN Consortium encourages institutions, organization or corporations interested in supporting the above to become a member of the .LRN Consortium. Membership is broken down into:

  • Basic Membership(individual): entry membership for individual .LRN platform users that are willing to get involved in the .LRN Consortium activities. (US$250)
  • Basic Membership(organizations): entry membership for small organizations that are willing to get involved in the .LRN Consortium activities. (US$500)
  • Premium Membership: active and long term users of .LRN that want to support the .LRN platform's success and development with a focus on new and quality assured releases. (US$2,000)
  • Institutional Membership: specially designed membership for large institutions and organizations (e.g. universities) depending on the quality of .LRN, willing to influence the future developments and willing to support and contribute to the .LRN Consortium and its activities (US$5,000)
  • Corporate Membership: specially designed membership for large corporations that are willing to support and contribute to the .LRN Consortium and its activities (US$10,000)

Higher annual membership fees are available for members that are willing and capable to support the .LRN project in a higher degree.

All members will be listed in the Members page, with their logo and link to their web page. Also, they have the option to publish a case study on this website. Please contact us if your organization would like to join.

Note: .LRN is Open Source and free to use, members of the .LRN Consortium have found the Consortium an excellent place to invest in the improvements for the platform. The .LRN Leadership Group and the .LRN Board of Directors serve as committed volunteers that do not get paid by the .LRN Consortium.

OpenACS Memberships

All of the memberships levels mentioned above are available directly for OpenACS, we made this memberships available for special members that work with OpenACS only and want to support the project. The contributions will be used specifically to improve OpenACS.

Additional ways to support the .LRN community:

(all three are different from membership)